Ana Palombini

Hospitality Copywriter & Storyteller

I'm all about attracting your clients via strategic writing to get you more bookings. 

Meet Your Editor-in-Chief

''I'm a storyteller. And I'm here to tell YOUR story''

With 4+ years of experience working as a Strategic Account Executive selling technology to enterprises, I’ve learned valuable upselling skills that I now replicate in my copywriting work.

Having graduated in Law (and with a popular lifestyle blog with over 40 million monthly Pinterest impressions), it’s safe to say I am comfortable writing on any topic.

In 2012, I pursued a second Bachelor's degree, this time in Switzerland.

There, I graduated with honors from a Hospitality & Business University (ranked #1 in the world).

This means that I:

  • Value excellent customer service
  • Listen to your needs
  • Aim to exceed expectations
  • Am all about fast communication

Oh… and I always deliver on time!

What Can This Hospitality Copywriter Do For You?

You’re no newbie when it comes to content marketing.

In fact, your company’s been at it for a while now.

You know how to create written content…

… but you constantly find yourself with the never-ending demand to push out more publications,

With your to-do list taking longer to finalize than a frozen turkey, it’s no wonder you’re burnout. 

I get it!

It’s time to make your work-life easier.

Get a copywriter who'll take care of the written content so that you focus on your actual work.

Have a cup of tea while you’re at it!

You have time for it now.

Go ahead. You know you deserve it.

I’ll take it from here.

53 Clients Served

Zero Complaints

A gazillion words

A bazillion coffee cups

Why Work With Me?

No negative surprises

I hate not knowing how much something will cost me...


... so I would never do that to you!


True to my values of full transparency, I prefer to quote a fixed fee.


This way, when the end-of-month comes, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to pay.

Flexibility is key to my work

Unsure of committing to my services?


No problem-o!


Writing is an art. And art is subjective. What may be good for someone, might not be great for someone else. 


Let's start small and you can get a feeling of my work. 



I'm a hospitality expert

If you're in the hospitality industry, the name EHL (or ''that university from Lausanne'') probably rings a bell.


I graduated with honors from the world's #1 hospitality business school, in Switzerland.


My driving philosophies are savoir-faire and savoire-être. 

I'm great, simple as that.

At least that's what everyone keeps telling me.


And being that 80% of my work come via referrals, word-of-mouth has been spreading like wildfire.


This is also to say, I love building relationships with my clients.  


With me you get more than a copywriter, you get a friend you can trust.


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client testimonial Damla Aksu
Damla Aksu
CEO & Founder, Swiss Impact Store
“Ana was recommended to me as a super talented copywriter for my eCommerce website's content writing. As soon as I saw how her website was written, I was hooked (she has a super engaging, somewhat sarcastic style of writing that makes any text anti-boring). If you haven’t seen her website, I highly encourage doing it right away! Ana is super responsive, helpful, and attentive to all my crazy requests, always with a smile. She's very quick to understand what is needed from her and was always provided me with helpful insights. Her writing style is powerful, informative, and always appealing. « Sell a good night’s sleep - not the mattress » - this perfectly describes Ana’s copywriting skills :)''
Mimo Aguero
Owner, Tablao de Carmen
When we got in touch with Ana to write for the Tablao de Carmen, we had no idea of the huge enthusiasm she expressed in her later article and how thorough and deep her content was. It’s a real pleasure to see Ana’s professionalism and it is very rewarding to count on writers of her caliber to promote business in which we believe. A very inspiring personality and truly helpful collaboration. Thank you. Ana. It's always a big pleasure working with you.
Yannick Kiefer
Managing Director, KIARA
The presentation was amazing! The beautiful text and digital assets you prepared have accomplished their job and we’ll be able to start working with our dream client. Thank you for your guidance and the excellent service you've provided us with.

My Values


Having a Swiss degree, I've been educated (ingrained?) on the importance of quality service. Let's just say I know a thing or two about Savoir-Faire + Savoire-Être.


Cliché as this may sound, you're bound to find a more passionate writer for the hospitality industry than yours truly.


More than a copywriter, your friend. As a hospitality expert, building relationships is what I love.


I practice what I preach. To me, honesty is the best way to build relationships of trust. 

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

– Leo Burnett

What? You wanna know more about me? Awwww, shucks

Here're 4 fun facts:

I'm a MAJOR Star Wars fan

The Force has always been strong with this Padawan.


My older brother is considered Star Wars-obsessed and, as kids, we used to play imaginary X-Wings battle from our bunkbeds. 


As a copywriter, I use Yoda's lessons to guide my work: do or do not, there is no try.

I'm a citizen of the world

I’ve lived in Brazil, USA, Thailand, Switzerland, France, and Spain (adding up to 6 countries and 4 continents).


Oh, I have two passports, speak 5 languages, and I now live with my Italian husband in sunny Barcelona


(the cliché is real and we actually do eat pasta almost daily).

I have two bachelors

Some people never go to uni. I’ve been to uni twice (I know, I know).


I first graduated in Law in Brazil, followed by a Hospitality Business School in Switzerland.


Let’s just say I am not one to be afraid of a challenge…

I run a successful blog

Before being a copywriter, I dipped my toes into the blogging world.


The blog now runs on its own, getting 30+ million Pinterest impressions, 60k organic visitors, and making me a monthly passive income.  

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As a conversion copywriter, I use concise text and formatted copy (while sprinkling in creative storytelling techniques)  to capture + engage + convert your readers.

Specifically, I specialize in writing informative blog posts, thought-leadership articles, and video scripts in a non-boring way via either:

1) copywriting

2) storytelling 

If interested, I can also provide you with a content audit and a more in-depth content strategy.

If you want to outsource your entire content marketing (planning + creation + promotion), I have a team of marketing experts that can join me and take over, allowing you to focus on other aspects of growing your biz. 


Having graduated with honors from the # hospitality university in the world, it's pretty easy to guess that I'm rather passionate about hospitality + luxury services

I'm obsessed with anything and everything ranging from hotels, and restaurants to tourism, Spas, travel, experiences, marketplaces, etc.

And combining hospitality + SaaS is my sweet spot.

But (as a good millennial with a brain jam-packed with creative ideas bursting like popcorn), every now and then I wander outside of the hospitality industry to support others in need.

(I know, major Robin Hood complex)

Below are a few of the other industries I've created copy for:

  • Hospitality
  • SaaS & Tech 
  • Beauty & Wellness 
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • CBD

Your deadline is of the utmost importance to me, so this is going to be one of my first questions.

If you don’t have a deadline, I'll provide you with an estimate of how long it will take depending on the project requirements. 

  • An in-depth article can take up to 5 business days.
  • A website landing page can take up to two weeks.
  • Rush orders are available under a 15% rush fee

As you may know, copy prices vastly depend. 

A professional copywriter will take the time to conduct research, properly structure content, and back claims with stats and case studies.

Factors that affect copywriting services pricing: 

  • The niche
  • Amount of research needed
  • Wordcount
  • SEO optimization
  • The deadline
  • Project length
  • If you have a content brief

Get an instant free dummy quote based on your needs here (no need to book a call).


I don’t provide free samples – sorry, amigo. This is just one of my rules.

Free work takes time to research, structure, draft, edit, and proofread, which I need to charge for.

Need a copy sample before starting?

  • I usually charge $50 per 500 words sample. 

I tell my clients that my job is only considered done once you're 100% satisfied. For that, I offer up to 3x revision rounds to ensure that you're happy with your final result and get the copy that you need.

If by the end you're still unhappy, I'll give you your money back, pronto (but my 100% satisfaction rate tells me you won't be needing it).

  • money-back guarantee does not apply to copy samples.

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