Attract An Ocean of Clients and Swiftly Gain Their Trust

Blog posts are an inexpensive way to convey value on an on-going basis, get social shares, and stand out from your competitors.

Does Your Business Really Need Blog Posts?

Well… your website is already super in-depth and well-explained.

Everything your customers need can be found there.

That surely is enough, right?

Truth be told… a website cannot stand on its own.

Alone, it doesn’t offer enough information, personality, or expertise to stand out from the crowd.

And blog posts are a brilliant way to easily increase your sales.

You might be wondering what type of sorcery is this…

It’s quite simple, really.

Before ever reaching for their wallets, your clients need information.

And by providing value about your company or niche – customers will form a trust bond with you.

…. And trust equals a boost in sales.

It’s as easy as apple pie 🍎.

If you’re totally lost, or have no time for this, I can help you!

What Can Your Company Blog About

  1. New products
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Industry trends
  4. Customer success stories
  5. Product or service reviews
  6. Behind the scenes
  7. Charity work
  8. Contests
  9. Reader polls
  10. How-to information

Be it you’re after short series of branded articles or long-form blog posts, publishing valuable on-going information is one of the best ways to quickly gain credibility as a business.

“But Ana, what the heck are long-form blog posts, after all”?

Why, I’m glad you asked, my friend.

Long-form blog posts are informative, in-depth content with over 1500 words. 

It involves deep research and linking back to valuable sources to give credibility on what you talk about. 

What makes long-form content successful is the value provided within the post. And equally important is its ease to read while keeping your reader engaged.

5 Ways Long-Form Blog Posts Can Impact Your Business

  1. Long-form blog posts teach and explain more about your product.
  2. It keeps your audience updated about your business.
  3. Having insightful, branded posts helps build your website’s internal linking (which in turn will help your Google search results).
  4. Long-form blog posts are a great way to keep Google’s SEO algorithm happy (this will help drive in more organic traffic, passively).
  5. You’ll have relevant content to share in LinkedIn, social media, and even your newsletter (I bet you wouldn’t mind increasing your brand’s social exposure, am I right?).

To Conclude

Blog posts, be it long-form or short on-going series, are a brilliant and inexpensive way to grow your brand, gain customer trust, and significantly increase your sales.

When you offer clients insightful content, you establish your authority.

Impressed readers will start turning to you for more thought-leadership on topics within your niche.

Plus, in-depth posts are known to get even more social shares and engagement, being an easy way to increase your online exposure.

When your content consistently delivers, your reputation improves. This greatly increases trust in your brand.

Ready to improve your conversions by publishing more blog posts?

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