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There's a large stigma around CBD. This is especially prevalent in Asian countries, where the usage of medicinal hemp remains frowned upon.

Learn how we got KIARA to start working with The Landmark, one of Hong Kong's most luxurious properties.

KIARA is the next level in luxury hospitality.

Devoted to helping travelers be in their best physical and emotional state of mind, KIARA hopes every guest can enjoy their hotel stay to its full potential.

A happy guest treats staff well, consumes more, leaves positive reviews, and further recommends your hotel to their friends back home (which also helps your property stand out).


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CBD's popularity within the US hospitality industry grows every day, but Asian hotels are yet to perceive its financial and emotional value.


KIARA wants to be known as the go-to CBD brand for hotels. For that, it must elevate its brand positioning within Hong Kong hotels and the hospitality industry, worldwide. KIARA currently faces barriers in the Kong Kong market due to CBD testings and evidence of THC found in random product testings, currently not accepted in Hong Kong (and overlooked by many hotels).


CBD is often associated with Cannabis, which causes misinformed people and hospitality properties to shy away from implementing it; People don't understand what CBD is, its healing properties, and its natural health benefits; Hotels don't know how to implement CBD into their activities; Many sketchy brands give CBD a bad reputation (spammers, low quality, scams, etc).


To create a marketing engine for CBD education to eliminate barriers of distrust. For that, the idea is to take a transparent approach, cultivating a culture of knowledge around CBD to broaden KIARA'S appeal. The goal is to present KIARA to hotels as high-quality, excellent service, and as a trusted brand, made by hospitality experts.

To surpass entry barriers, the objective is to connect with key decision-makers by using storytelling strategies (emphasis on brand ethics) to emotionally connect with CBD benefits to both the hotels and their guests. To bring a human-centric presentation approach, backed by dynamic and appealing digital assets. This way, KIARA will have an easy-to-share, informative, and human way of bringing CBD information and giving KIARA exposure, in an engaging, yet valuable, manner.


KIARA effectively started working with the Landmark in Hong Kong, being present in SPAs.

From The Client

''Ana was recommended to us for her professionalism, efficiency, and friendly approach. After a short call to explain our products, goals, and our vision for this collaboration, Ana delivered a beautifully written text altogether with digital assets that we use to promote our products, including to our investors. Best of all, she was unbelievably quick to understand what we wanted and even went the extra mile to give us insightful recommendations on how to approach our audience. We have been more than happy with the excellent work she provided us and we will definitely be working with her again in the future. We would strongly recommend Ana for any copywriting work''.

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