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Social Media Marketing
“Ana was recommended to me as a super talented copywriter for my eCommerce website's content writing. As soon as I saw how her website was written, I was hooked (she has a super engaging, somewhat sarcastic style of writing that makes any text anti-boring). If you haven’t seen her website, I highly encourage doing it right away! Ana is super responsive, helpful, and attentive to all my crazy requests, always with a smile. She's very quick to understand what is needed from her and was always provided me with helpful insights. Her writing style is powerful, informative, and always appealing. « Sell a good night’s sleep - not the mattress » - this perfectly describes Ana’s copywriting skills :)''
client testimonial Damla Aksu
Damla Aksu
CEO & Founder, Swiss Impact Store
When we got in touch with Ana to write for the Tablao de Carmen, we had no idea of the huge enthusiasm she expressed in her later article and how thorough and deep her content was. It’s a real pleasure to see Ana’s professionalism and it is very rewarding to count on writers of her caliber to promote business in which we believe. A very inspiring personality and truly helpful collaboration. Thank you. Ana. It's always a big pleasure working with you.
Mimo Aguero
Owner, Tablao de Carmen
The presentation was amazing! The beautiful text and digital assets you prepared have accomplished their job and we’ll be able to start working with our dream client. Thank you for your guidance and the excellent service you've provided us with.
Yannick Kiefer
Managing Director, KIARA
Wow Ana… The piece is soo good. I would probably say the best piece we have had written on KITRO. You really understood the product and how to grab our customer’s attention. Not just saying this. I LOVE IT! You have a talent. Thank you, thank you!
Naomi McKenzie
Co-Founder, KITRO
Working with Ana has been extraordinary. She immediately understood what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to achieve it. She quickly delivered copies that were exactly what we wanted. Ana has a really good intuition to understand the tone and concept of each individual article and how each of them fits into a larger concept. I would recommend working with Ana without hesitation.
Martin Rubenstein
Marketing Manager, TieTalent
“Since the minute we reached out to Ana regarding working together – and it has been 6 months already – she has been nothing but great. Ana has put her best effort into this partnership and, because of her ongoing dedication and her writing skills, we are seeing significant results. It is a great pleasure working with such a committed writer as you, to say the least. Thank you for this wonderful collaboration!”
Darius Adomaitis
COO, Fraicheur Paris
''Ana was recommended to us for her professionalism, efficiency, and friendly approach. After a short call to explain our products, goals, and our vision for this collaboration, Ana delivered a beautifully written text altogether with digital assets that we use to promote our products, including to our investors. Best of all, she was unbelievably quick to understand what we wanted and even went the extra mile to give us insightful recommendations on how to approach our audience. We have been more than happy with the excellent work she provided us and we will definitely be working with her again in the future. We would strongly recommend Ana for any copywriting work''.
Yannick Kiefer
Managing Director, The Swiss Trade
Ana really understood our company and the benefits we provide. Her writing style was casual but informative and she managed to truly capture what KITRO is all about. The 3 steps to action she communicates are super clear and to the point. She's professional, independent, talented, and super quick, the kind of collaboration every business needs. Looking forward to working with you again. Would recommend to anyone in need of great content writing. Thank you, Ana!!
Naomi McKenzie
Co-Founder, KITRO
It was such a pleasure working with you, Ana. The articles you've written were fantastic! We're truly happy to have collaborated with you. And thanks again for the always friendly service. It's a pleasure for sure.
Wild Grass Nature Resort
Dheeshana Ameresekere, Manager Director of the Wild Grass Nature Resort